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Our Work
Our vision is to be one of the leading consulting firms providing management advisory services to American corporations invested in China.

It is our mission to connect people and improve productivity by providing top quality and affordable service in the areas of accounting, tax regulations, social welfare administration, new business license, renewing and closure of business license, labor rules, and executive recruiting.

- Through our accounting and tax services, we provide dependable monthly statutory and management financial reports to our clients. In addition, we advise our clients on operational issues such as cash flow, balance sheet, profitability, and labor related matters. We also assist clients in dealing with the various governmental agencies such as Tax Department, Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC ), MOFTEC, SAFE, and the Labor Department.


Our Experts
- Utilizing our contacts and experience, we provide clients with effective assistance to meet their needs in a unique Chinese business environment including services to obtain new business licenses, renew annual business licenses, complete annual inspections, cancel business licenses, and file various reports with the social welfare department required for employee hiring and termination.

- Through our years of professional service and background in China, we provide sound financial advice and operational strategy to companies entering the Chinese market.

- Through our investment partners, we can give solid advice to board members for companies going public (in China) as well as provide prospective talents for executive candidacies.
Our Ideas

China Address:           Dong Hua Science & Technology Park
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                                    Building 3, Third Floor, Suite 311,
                                    Shanghai 200335, PRC
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