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United States

Since 1979 Cochran, Cochran & Yale has been a client focused executive recruiting search firm. CCY's value proposition is simple: to advance their clients' business objectives with each search. CCY's team of dedicated search professionals work with each client to achieve this goal. CCY is highly motivated, has a proven process, can recognize talent, and most importantly, delivers consistent results year after year. For more information, visit: www.ccy.com For more information.

PeopleClues® is a U.S.-based, worldwide provider of cutting edge behavioral assessments for business use. The flagship PeopleClues® line of assessments incorporates modern, validated behavioral assessments in an easy-to-use online platform specifically designed for the commercial market. Highly affordable and requiring little or no training, PeopleClues® Assessments is used by thousands of companies around the globe to hire, train, and promote the right people for the right jobs. For more information, visit: www.peopleclues.com


Shanghai Ye Advertising Co., Ltd is a media support company which specializes in design work for multi-media interactive CDs, multi-media touch screens, commercial websites, prints, and FLASH motion frames. Founded in 2007, the Company focuses on the finance and investment industries. For more information, visit:www.shanghaidesign.net

CNMy Construction(Shanghai) Co. Ltd. (CNMy) is a wholly foreign owned Construction Company registered in Shanghai, China. The company was established and is continues to be managed by a group of professionals specializing in various areas of construction expertise. CNMy prioritizes providing localized, competitively priced construction services that meet international standards. For more information,visit:www.cnmy-i.cn



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