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HR Assessment Test

PeopleClues® is a U.S.-based, worldwide provider of cutting edge behavioral assessments for business use. The flagship PeopleClues® line of assessments incorporates modern, validated behavioral assessments in an easy-to-use online platform specifically designed for the commercial market. Highly affordable and requiring little or no training or expert interpretation, PeopleClues® Assessments are used by thousands of companies around the globe to hire, train, and promote the right people for the right jobs. visit: www.peopleclues.com

Personality, Cognitive and Attitude Assessments

Unlimited Use Enterprise License Contracts: Standard pricing is $30 USD per employee per year for use of all 3 assessments (personality, cognitive and attitude) as well as all of the reporting. Reporting includes the selection reports (both standard and industry specific suites), interview questions, performance reports, training and leadership reports and the attitude assessment reports. Complete pricing with volume discounts shown below.


1-50 employees                                                 $     1000.00

51-1000 employees                                           $     30.00 USD per employee per year

1001-2500 employees                                       $     27.00 USD per employee per year

 2501-5000 employees                                      $     20.00 USD per employee per year

 5000+ employees                                             Quoted upon request

Unit Based Accounts: Units may be purchased based on the following: A “unit” is required to “run” reports on a participant, but is not required to actually give the assessment(s). Only one unit is required to access any or all reports on a participant. The following shows Retail pricing at an “Account” level: Orders for less than 100 units are $50 USD each and must be purchased in blocks of 25 or more. Complete pricing with volume discounts shown below.


1-99 units                                                            $     50.00 USD each

100-499 units                                                      $     45.00 USD each

500-999 units                                                      $     40.00 USD each

1000-4,999 units                                                 $     30.00 USD each

5000+ units                                                         Quoted upon request

Setup Fees: There is a one-time $100 USD charge for each individual account set up in the system.

Note: Setup Fees may be waived when accounts are set up through online stores and discounts may be given for         multiple accounts.


Customization: There are several types of customization:

Private branding of the URL, branding, logo, etc. This entails putting your company logo/ brand throughout the application, so that applicants see your corporate name. (Necessary copyrights etc. will still be present.) Standard fee is $1,500 USD.


Benchmarking – the standard fee for creating a custom benchmark for one position for personality only is $1,500 USD. The pricing for a benchmark for both personality and cognitive where the sample size is at least 100 and includes a technical write up is $5000 USD.


Modifying a current report to more closely match your specific job or culture. If there is a standard report in the system, and you want to modify that report in some way based on your own culture, corporate terminology, etc. The standard fee for this is $2,500 USD, but may increase based upon the degree of changes required. (For example, you like the current customer service report in the system, but you want to add some specific terminology to the text output or even create additional interview questions for the report.)


Creating a new report for a job position that is not currently in the suite or to create a new report “template” such as a graphic style requiring profiling or benchmarking of existing performers. The standard fee starts at $3,500 USD. (For example, you want to benchmark your current sales team and create a report that specifically reports on competencies particular to your job.)



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